Surge Pricing Possibly Coming To Disney

Ticket prices recently went up at the Disney parks and now it looks like there’s a possibility that they may rise even higher on certain days of the year. Hit the jump for more details on the possible surge pricing at Disney parks.

Disney seems to be toying with the idea of higher ticket prices based on the season. A survey was sent out to annual pass holders with questions regarding pass holder’s willingness to pay more for certain dates during the year. It looks like these days can see ticket prices jump up to $20 above normal.

Most people are already upset that a single day at the Magic Kingdom is already over $100 and this certainly won’t help. Personally, I think that Disney isn’t hurting financially and an extra $20 per person can be a huge impact for a family already spending a ton of money on their vacation. I’m against this surge pricing and I hope it never sees the light of day.

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