D23 Expo Next Month!

Disney’s biggest event, the D23 Expo is starting soon! The expo is a huge draw for Disney fans. Star Wars stole the show last year and this year big park news is expected to be announced. We’ll be covering the expo here, so make sure to stop by August 14-16 for the latest news about the parks. Hit the jump for more about what’s expected to be announced.

The biggest announcement expected to be announced at the expo is about Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The park is expected to get a massive rennovation. Some sources have speculated $30 million to $3 billion for this rennovation. This is much needed since Disney keeps closing attractions at the park and the idea that Hollywood studios is only a half-day park is ringing more and more true. Last time I visited the park we arrived around noon and had ridden Star Tours several times by the end of the day. We left the park having done every single attraction that was on our list (sometimes multiple times as in the case of Star Tours). Even after multiple days at Magic Kingdom we still weren’t able to say that.

Hollywood studios is rumored to be getting a dedicated Star Wars land and even a name change for the entire park. I do hope that Disney keeps the park’s theme around movies & TV shows. Hollywood Studios is one of my favorite parks, but definitely not one that I feel the need to spend days exploring. It’ll be interesting to see where the park stands a few years from now.

Other’s are hoping for some announcements surrounding the now under-construction Avatar Land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’ll be great to see some concepts for the attractions and nighttime spectaculars planned for the area.

Make sure to stop by Behind Magic for all the D23 Expo news surrounding the parks!

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