What To Pack For A Day At Walt Disney World

So you’ve checked into your hotel and are about to head off to a fun filled day at the parks. What do you bring with you? Most people aren’t prepared for a day at the parks and end up buying necessities at the various stores in each park. This can be expensive and it really takes time away from other, more fun, activities. Let’s go over what’s typically in my day bag when visiting Walt Disney World and what you should bring along.

Keep Hydrated

Vapur Element Bottle – Amazon


This is something that gets overlooked very easily by first time Walt Disney World guests. Florida is hot & humid most of the year, so it’s not hard at all to break a sweat while walking around the parks. I live in a desert climate, so the first time I stepped off the plane at MCO was a huge shock to me. We didn’t pack a water bottle thinking that our resort refillable mugs & snack credits would be enough for us. Boy were we wrong. Its not uncommon to see guests board Disney Transportation with their resort mugs in tow, but I hardly see anyone using them at the parks. They just don’t seem like a good solution since you can’t really throw a full mug into a bag. While we were at the parks we were wasting our snack credits on Smart Water & sodas instead of more substantial treats!

water closedWe ended up buying a collapsible water bottle in Animal Kingdom. This was a HUGE relief for us. Not only would we be able to stop wasting snack credits, but we could also drink as much water as we wanted. I love these types of bottles because they roll up and are great for thowing in a backpack or purse then filling up at a water fountain. The bottle we bought in AK was alright, but wouldn’t stay closed so I highly recommend picking on up before leaving to Florida. The Vapur bottle pictured above is a great choice and is pretty cheap. I usually will fill them up and drink all the water immediately, so I can’t speak to how this bottle will perform full in a bag.


Keep Powered

Anker External Battery – Amazon

Anker Battery


Next to keeping hydrated this is the most important item that I always bring with me to the parks. Most people might not thing that you’ll need to charge your gadgets while in the parks. You’re going to be doing attractions all day and won’t be using your phone right? Some people might fall into that category, but most will actually be using their phones more during a day at Walt Disney World than a typical day. This is because you’re posting to Instagram, Facebook, checking twitter, texting family back home all the exciting trip details & of course using the My Disney Experience app. During a typical day I’ll head home from the office with about 60% battery life remaining on my phone. At Disney World I’ll hit that number within a few hours.

I have an Anker batter which I use almost anytime I take a trip. I use it to charge my gadgets while waiting in queues for attractions, while eating, & even while walking around the park. I can keep the battery & my phone in my pocket so it’s constantly charging. I can usually get several full charges with this battery before it needs to be recharged itself. My next trip to Disney World in the fall will be with my family. I’ll be taking two of these batteries to make sure no one’s phone dies before the night is through.


Keep up-to-date

My Disney Experience App

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

MDE Logo


This isn’t something that you necessarily “pack” to bring with you, but it’s an absolute necessity for a day at Walt Disney World. I used the app so much during my last trip that I’m sure it’s the main cause my battery drained so fast! Walt Disney world is a huge place and the app has a built in map for the entire property, including resorts, so you can easily navigate around to your next destination. You can also make changes to your pre-booked fastpasses from within the app. This was a great tool for last minute plan changes.


MDE App Crop

My favorite thing about the app is the attraction wait times. The app allows you to pull up the current wait times without having to walk over to the attraction and find the sign near the queue. We used this feature so much and it allowed us to use our time wisely and make better decisions about which attractions we’d tackle next.


Honorable Mentions


Poncho Full

Ponchos or Rain Jackets

There’s always one certainty with a Walt Disney World trip. It. Will. Rain. Don’t let the rain ruin your day in the parks. Instead embrace the weather and continue on with a poncho or rain jacket. Disney does sell ponchos in the parks & resorts, but they’re expensive. Still, I’m a sucker for the Disney ponchos & I will buy one every time I make a trip to Walt Disney World. I like walking around with Mickey on my back! Plus they’re the perfect size to cover both me & my backpack.

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad

I haven’t had the chance to try these out yet, but I’ve seen many people swear by them. These towels help keep you cool in the Florida heat. I’ll be trying them out during my Fall trip & will have a full review.

Good Walking Shoes

I can’t stress these enough. Your choice of footwear can make or break your day in the parks. Walt Disney world is a huge place & you’ll be doing a TON of walking and comfortable shoes are a must.

Photo Equipment

This is an absolute must for me. Disney World photography is awesome. Where else can you photograph castles, creepy mansions, pirate battles, paddle boats & fireworks in one day?? I have a ton of gear, but I usually will pack only my DSLR with one lens. I will be using the Disney photographers more during my Fall trip & I’ll have a full review of Memory Maker soon!

What are your must-haves for a day in the parks at Walt Disney World? Did I leave off something really important? Let me know in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter!

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