Toy Story Land Concept Art

Toy Story Land Coming To Hollywood Studios

I can’t even get one post of D23 announcements out the door before Disney drops another huge one on us! This time it’s all about Toy Story! That’s right an 11 acre Toy Story land set in Andy’s backyard is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Several new attractions along with an expansion of Toy Story Mania are expected to come along with the new land. Hit the jump for more details.

The new Toy Story Land is set to feature a family style roller coaster featuring Slinky Dog! The concept art for this coaster is below and it looks amazing. I’m not a big fan of roller coasters, but this is one that I’ll definitely be riding! Along with this coaster Disney announced an “Alien Saucers Attraction” that puts the green toy aliens front and center.

Disney has not given any timeframe for this new land, and my guess would be that they prioritize Star Wars, but this area certainly has the potential to be my favorite spot in all of Disney World. I love the themeing in Toy Story Mania (and really the whole Pixar area) in Hollywood Studios and I’m really excited to see what Disney can pull off on a large scale.

Toy Story Land Concept
Source: Disney


Via: Disney Parks Blog

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