Price Increased On Annual Passes

This new has definitely divided the Disney community. The price for a new or renewed annual pass for both Walt Disney World & Disneyland Resort has been increased. Disney has also created new pass tiers and eliminated some passes. Hit the jump for the details on what to expect if you’re in the market to purchase a new pass or renew your current AP.

This news is certainly not welcome with all the construction set to begin soon at Disney World & Disneyland. Disneyland is impacted by the construction even more. Attractions are set to close in order to make way for the Star Wars Land construction. So a price increase is just adding salt to a wound for Disneyland pass holders.

Disney World is in a bit of a different situation. Star Wars Land & Toy Story Land will both be in Hollywood Studios which has already seen attractions close over the span of the last few months so annual pass holders are already used to the current state of Hollywood Studios.

Source: Disney
Source: Disney

Disney isn’t just increasing prices. You are getting new benefits for this increased price. All annual pass holders now get free Photo Pass downloads & free parking. I think these two benefits make up for the price increase at Disney World, but definitely not at Disneyland. I recently used Memory Maker during my last trip to Disney World (full review coming soon!) & can see that I’d definitely use the free Photo Pass downloads. Current pass holders keep the old benefits until they renew when they’ll get these added perks.

Overall I don’t see this as a bad change for Disney World. It’s not going to keep me from buying an AP anytime soon. If I was a Disneyland pass holder I’d be upset. The new tiers are confusing and if a no blackout date pass is a must for you then you’ll be shelling out over $1,000!



What’re your thoughts on the price increase? Will it stop you from buying or renewing your AP? Leave your comments below or as always, feel free to reach out on Twitter!

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