Soarin’ To Be Closed For Six Months For Refurbishment

Disney has finally announced when Soarin’ will be closed for refurbishment and conversion to the newly announced Soarin’ Around The World. Soarin’ Will be down from January 4th through sometime in the summer of 2016. During this time the third theater will be finished and the projection and audio system is expected to be updated to fit with the new experience Disney wishes to bring with the “new” ride. Disney fans have complained that the attraction doesn’t live up to the audio & video standards of today and that those issues take away from the immersive experience that Disney is trying to produce. Hopefully this long refurb will help make the attraction great again. I rode Soarin’ last month and did notice that the projection system could use an upgrade but I still loved the experience as much as the first time I rode Soarin’ Over California at DCA.

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