Create Custom MagicBands in Tomorrowland

Getting tired of the single color MagicBands and wishing you could customize a retail MagicBand? Well now you can finally live out those MagicBand dreams at Tomorrowland Power & Light Co.!! Disney is now offering guests the ability to create custom MagicBand creations and they’re actually really nice! You could even get your hands on a purple MagicBand which isn’t one of the colors offered to resort guests. Hit the jump for more details on what you can create in Tomorrowland.


Before now the only customization offered for MagicBands was the color and the text on the underside of the band. While this was enough for some people others wanted a more custom MagicBand. These new bands will let you select your color and choose from about 40 different graphics plus you can customize the name. I’m actually not a big fan of having the name on top like that since the holes seem to make it hard to read. The new bands will cost between $22 & $30 and are only available at the Tomorrowland Power & Light Co. Will you be picking one up?


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