Video | Preview of New Star Tours: The Adventures Continue Sequence

With the new Star Tours movie soon approaching Disney has finally announced when the updated Star Tours: The Adventures Continue will open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This revamp of the attraction will most likely turn an already popular attraction into the park’s most popular attraction which I would guess would rival Toy Story Midway Mania. Hit the jump for details on the opening and for a video sneak peak of the new sequence.

Star Tours: The Adventure continues is set to open December 1st at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. During the first few months of operation the attraction will feature the new sequence on every ride. This means that every guest will get to experience the new sequence, but would make repeat rides a little less fun. After the Star Tours’ honeymoon period the new sequence will join the others which fans have already come to love. Check out the video below for a peak at the new sequence coming December 1st.




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