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Security Tightened At US Disney Parks

Over the last few days Disney has updated rules for it’s US parks and installed metal detectors outside the entrance to each park. It’s unknown if these changes are permanent or just for the holidays since the week after Christmas is the busiest time of the year at both Disney World & Disneyland Resort. Hit the jump for details on the new security procedures and what to expect for your next visit to the parks.

All guests without bags are required to pass through the metal detectors while security will randomly ask guests going through bag check to pass through them. Some people have complained saying that the metal detectors and increased security officers make the entrance to the parks seem “less magical”. I don’t think this really is an issue since safety should be everyone’s top priority. Also the entrances at both Disney World & Disneyland Resort are large enough that even with these security modifications I don’t think it takes away from the overall guest experience. You’ll still be able to take photos with park landmarks at the entrances without the fear of getting a metal detector in your photo.

Disney has also stopped selling any toys that resemble guns inside the parks. This was a change which they tried to quietly implement, but it’s actually become just as well known as the metal detectors. Disney cites the need for these changes as simply being “the time that we live in”. Hopefully Disney can continue to be the most magical and happiest places on earth with these changes.


Do you think the new security measures take away from the guest experience at Disney World & Disneyland Resort? Leave your comments below or as always, feel free to reach out on Twitter or Facebook!

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