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How Will Disney’s New Ticket Surge Pricing Impact You?

Well, the rumors that we reported on back in May is finally come to life. Disney has announced new surge pricing for one day tickets and increased the price of the multi day tickets for both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California. This comes on the heels of record profits for the Walt Disney Company, but is also possibly related to losses from the foreign parks and Shanghai Disney being way over budget. Hit the jump for more details on the new pricing structure will impact you.


The answer to the question “how will the new pricing impact me?” will be different for some of you, but for the vast majority of people the short answer is: it won’t. It’s true that the multi-day tickets did see an increase, but it’s a very small increase. Just a couple of dollars. The biggest increase was the surge pricing surrounding the single day tickets. Most Disney World guests are not going for a single day so I can see this having the biggest impact on Disneyland guests since it’s in the middle of LA.

The single day tickets now have three tiers “value, regular & peak” wth tickets ranging from $105, $110 & $124 respectively. Those prices are for the Magic Kingdom. Right now multi-day tickets do not have this tiered system, but I would guess that will be coming later this year. If Disney does do a tier system for multi-day tickets that added cost of the higher seasons could add up quickly especially if you have a large party.

So, in summary you will be paying quite a bit more for a single day ticket during the peak season. I would assume this season would be the week after Christmas to New Years along with other times sprinkled throughout the year. The rule of thumb is you want to avoid Disney Parks during these times anyways. As much as I’d love to spend New Year’s Eve in the Magic Kingdom I know how horrible an experience the crowd levels will make it so I avoid it like the plague. We’ll keep you updated on any further ticket price or policy changes.




Are the new ticket prices going to impact you? Do you plan to visit the Disney parks less because of the new prices? Leave your comments below or as always, feel free to reach out on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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