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My Three Favorite Attractions From Each of The Walt Disney World Parks

There’s probably one question that I get asked more than anything else. That question is “What’s your favorite, or best, attraction at [INSERT PARK NAME HERE]?” This question is very subjective but there are certain attractions that I must experience every time I’m at Walt Disney World in Florida. Since this seems to be a popular question I decided it would be a good idea to put my answer here on the site! Check out my full list after the jump!

Now, there are a couple of things about my attraction preferences that you should probably know. First, I’m not a big roller coaster fan. I’ve never experienced the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or Tower of Terror. These are attractions that simply do not appeal to me. So I can’t tell you much about these rides. I can say that Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster seemed to be my sister’s favorite ride at Disney World. Second, I have a soft spot for animatronics. I’m fascinated by them! I’m sure this stems from my love of technology and visiting Disneyland when I was a young child. So don’t be surprised when animatronic attractions rank high on my list! Now that’s out of the way, let’s get started!

Magic Kingdom

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride Photo

  1. Haunted Mansion – I love the Haunted Mansion so much in fact it’s the first attraction that I’ll do upon arriving for my first day at the Magic Kingdom! It’s the perfect mix of classic Disney and new Disney that makes it never get old for me. There’s nothing better than riding the Haunted Mansion during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! When I was a kid I actually hated the Haunted Mansion. I would get scared in the Expanding Room (The first room that stretches to reveal the paintings). However it’s become my top attraction at the Magic Kingdom & you certainly can’t beat the music!
  2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Surprised to see a roller coaster on my list? Well, me too! The Mine Train was actually under construction during my first visit to Walt Disney World and from the promos I had seen it looked like something that I had to experience even if I wasn’t a fan of roller coasters. I was so glad that I forced myself to go on this attraction! It’s not too crazy of a roller coaster and the swinging mine trains actually help to smooth out the twists and turns (something that I’m very grateful for since being thrown around the ride vehicle is one of the reasons I don’t care for most roller coasters). At the time of this article it’s one of the most popular attractions at Disney World which means long wait times. I usually only get to ride this once per trip but it’s so worth it if you can get a FastPass or beat the crowds!
  3. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover – This is one that I’m sure many would find surprising to make my top three. In fact it’s not an attraction that I’d say most guests at Disney World experience. For those of you not in the know, the PeopleMover is a slow moving tour above Tomorrowland. It’s the blue ride vehicles you see moving above Tomorrowland. The PeopleMover is a bit of a break from the fast pace of the rest of the park. You get an interesting 10 minute ride with good views and interesting parts of Tomorrowland attractions (Read: Space Mountain) that you don’t get anywhere else. I will usually ride the PeopleMover several times per day. It usually never has a wait more than a few minutes and is well worth the trek over to Tomorrowland.



Hollywood Studios

Star Tours

  1. The Great Movie Ride – Oh, look! Another animatronic ride on my list! The Great Movie Ride is a slow moving dark ride that takes you through some of the greatest scenes in cinematic history. This is the ride located in the Chinese Theater in the middle of the park. I love this ride for the animatronics and the cast member tour guides are great as well! I’m a huge movie buff so I’ve been on this ride way too many times to count. I guess you know that you really like a ride when you’ve memorized the cast member’s script. If you’re a fan of movies make sure to check this one out!
  2. Fantasmic! – This is a list of greatest attractions, so that doesn’t mean it’s limited to just rides! Fantasmic! is my favorite show in Walt Disney World. I will try and see it every trip. I say “try” because it’s an outdoor show so it is subject to weather cancelations (even if it’s the middle of the show!). The music is great and it’s fun to see so many Disney characters in one show. Plus, Fantasmic! is one of the few attractions to work with the Made With Magic items sold around the parks.
  3. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue – This was probably my favorite Disney ride as a kid. I’m a big Star Wars fan so how could I not like this ride! Star Tours is a 3-D motion simulation ride. There are several different planets and scenarios on this ride so you’ll have to ride it multiple times, plus you might even be a Rebel Spy! The new Force Awakens additions are great and are probably my favorite experience on the ride. One thing to note, some people get a bit queasy or motion sick after Star Tours. If you get sick with 3-D movies then you’ll probably feel worse after riding Star Tours. It’s hit or miss with me. Sometimes I can only go on it once per day and other times I get right back on!



Spaceship Earth

  1. Spaceship Earth – [see joke about another animatronic ride above] Spaceship Earth is the ride that is housed in the “giant golf ball” in Epcot. It takes riders on a time traveling journey showing advancements in communication and technology. It’s a slow moving ride but one of my absolute favorites. I listen to the music way too often! Riders also get their picture taken and used in an interactive video at the end of the ride. It’s one of my favorite things about the ride!
  2. Test Track – Test Track holds the title of “Fastest Ride At Walt Disney World” with guests driving at 65 MPH. Test Track is a car based simulation where you build a car and ride along for the various “tests”. The queue is broken up by having a section where guests design there own cars which are linked to MagicBands and park tickets. When you’re on the ride your car’s stats will show up so you can see how you did! The ride finishes off with the Power test which is my favorite section of the ride! Test Track can be quite popular so wait times may be long.
  3. Living with the Land – This is another attraction that probably wouldn’t make most people’s lists. It’s become a must-do for me! I’m not quite sure why I like this ride so much. It’s a slow moving boat ride that focuses on nature and agriculture. You get to tour the Epcot Greenhouses and see how Disney is working to innovate agriculture. It’s a nice relaxing & interesting ride. I guess it provides a nice break like the PeopleMover so maybe that’s why it appeals to me. It’s definitely not the most popular ride at Epcot (That’s next door) so wait times are very low and it’s not uncommon to walk right on.



Animal Kingdom

Dinosaur Ride Photo

  1. Dinosaur – Dinosaur is a dark ride aboard an EMV (Enhanced Motion Vehicle). Guests ride Time Rovers back to prehistoric times to save a dino. This is one of the most popular rides in Animal Kingdom and has a pretty boring queue. I’d highly recommend a FastPass for this one. The ride is very fun, but can be very dark and scary at times. Just look at the faces in that photo!
  2. Kali River Rapids – A wet ride that will leave most riders completely soaked! This can be a blessing during the summer in Florida. Kali River Rapids is a circular boat ride that takes you on an expedition on the Chakranadi River. It’s very fun, but seems to be a pretty short ride. If your goal is to cool off then this is the ride for you! Wait times can be quite high so a FastPass is recommended.
  3. Kilimanjaro Safaris – Is, as the name suggests, a safari through Animal Kingdom’s Savanna. It’s a great attraction that offers views of animals not found in most zoos. Disney has applied their usual magic and in most areas it seems that there is no fence keeping the animals away from each other, or you, to provide a more realistic experience. This is a great opportunity to get some animal photos and since you’re at a park called Animal Kingdom should definitely be on your list.



So there you have it, my list of the top three attractions at each of the three Walt Disney World parks. Did your favorite make my list? Leave your comments below or as always, feel free to reach out on Twitter or Facebook!

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