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Frozen Ever After Now Open In Epcot

Epcot has a brand new E-Ticket attraction in the World Showcase that is drawing huge crowds. Frozen Ever After opened last week to large crowds and some technical issues. The ride features the ever popular Anna & Elsa’s story told on a slow moving boat ride in the Norway pavilion. Hit the jump for details on the brand new Walt Disney World attraction along with a ride through video!

When Frozen Ever After was announced it was met with mixed fan fare. Fans of the major money maker Frozen were excited for the film to finally get it’s own attraction in Walt Disney World. Die Hard Epcot fans were mad that the attraction was forcing the closure of the Maelstrom ride which, with all its oddities, was considered to be a Disney classic. I was lucky enough to ride Maelstrom a few weeks before its closure. It didn’t seem to ever draw large crowds and its wait time would rarely exceed 30 minutes.
Frozen Ever After opened in the Norway Pavilion June 21st and it came along with very VERY large crowds. I saw wait times hit 3 hours that day. Now the ride did have several technical issues such as Elsa’s animatronic not working 100% but several times during the day Disney actually closed the ride due to difficulties. They also started limiting access to only those with FastPasses for the ride.
I’ll have to hold off on my personal judgment of the attraction until I can experience it for myself. Looking at the ride video I can safetly say that Disney did an absolutely amazing job on Olaf and has yet again relied on projection animatronics way too much. I’ll still be checking out the attraction the next time I’m in Walt Disney World (as long as the wait time is decent).


Have you had a chance to experience the new attraction? Do you miss Maelstrom? Leave your comments below or as always, feel free to reach out on Twitter or Facebook!

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