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Let’s face it. Everyone has been lost at Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort at least once. These are huge places and they can certainly be overwhelming for first time visitors. I’m the “tour guide” whenever I take my family to the parks. In fact I came to realize that they weren’t paying much attention of how to get everywhere and really relied on me for that! Well now Disney has made getting around the parks and Walt Disney World a little bit easier. An update is coming to the My Disney Experience app that will feature navigation. Hit the jump for more details on what’s to come.


The new My Disney Experience update will allow guests to get navigation to attractions both in the parks and while driving around Walt Disney World property. This is a huge upgrade that will help save your feet from unnecessary walking. I’m interested to see if the navigation will give you the shortest walking route to an attraction (I’m looking at you Hub to Liberty Square shortcut) or if each route will be preprogrammed to use major walkways. The app can also be used to get to restaurants, shops and I’m sure Character meet and greets will be included as well.

If you’re using a car to get around property instead of using the Disney Transportation System this will not be replacing Google Maps anytime soon. The app will use Disney transportations options such as the busses, boats and monorail to guide guests from park to park. I’ve yet to use my own transportation in Walt Disney World. Even though dealing with busses, boats and monorails can be a pain at times I still love not having a car for a week.

Keep an eye out for the update. We’ll post any updates on our Twitter page.

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Do you rely on the My Disney Experience app during your trip? Leave your comments below or as always, feel free to reach out on Twitter or Facebook!

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