Magic Kingdom Welcome Show

Magic Kingdom Getting New Welcome Show

Disney has announced that starting January 9th, 2017 guests will have a different experience to the start of their Magic Kingdom day. The Welcome Show is being revamped and even moved! Right now the show is held in front of the train station with guests waiting just outside the park after entering past the turnstiles. Hit the jump for details on the new show!

Instead of waiting outside the train station guests will now be allowed to enter Main Street USA before the park opens. The shops will be open and Disney mentioned that Main Street Bakery will be open as well. Hopefully this will help with congestion when entering the park and will allow guests to get their Starbucks fix or souvenir shopping done earlier! As for the actual Welcome Show this is being moved to the Castle Forecourt Stage. There aren’t much details on what to expect from the show. We don’t know if Disney will still pick a family of the day or have cast members from Main Street part of the show. Disney has only shared one detail about the show.

A Royal Herald will appear to deliver a proclamation and welcome a few familiar characters to the stage, officially opening the park so “the magic can begin!”

I’m actually a bit saddened by this news. I’ve never been able to see the Welcome Show in person. I’m definitely not a morning person and Florida is 2 hours earlier than my time zone so the idea of being outside of Magic Kingdom at 5 AM my time isn’t something I’ve managed to do on vacation. I guess I’ll just have to settle for YouTube videos of the show! We’ll be sure to have a post about the show once it premieres at the Magic Kingdom!



Will you miss the current welcome show or are you excited for something new? Leave your comments below or as always, feel free to reach out on Twitter or Facebook!

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