Disney Quest

DisneyQuest To Close in July

The multistory arcade (or indoor theme park as Disney calls it) in Disney Springs has been rumored to be closing for quite some time now. From what I’ve heard DisneyQuest has not been the most popular or crowded attraction at Disney Springs. That is unless it’s raining then guests will usually flock to DisneyQuest. Disney has finally confirmed that DisneyQuest will indeed close on July 3rd to make way for another attraction. Hit the jump for details on what’s to come at Disney Springs.

Once DisneyQuest is gone the NBA Experience will take it’s place. Not much has been released about this new attraction but Disney did share some new highlights today

The NBA Experience at Walt Disney World Resort will be a one-of-a-kind basketball-themed experience featuring hands-on activities that put guests of all ages right in the middle of NBA game action. There will be immersive NBA video productions and numerous interactive experiences, as well as a restaurant and a retail store.

It’ll be interesting to see if more guests go to the new NBA Experience over those at DisneyQuest.



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