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Magic Kingdom Bag Check Process Greatly Improved

Walt Disney often complained that Disneyland lost some magic because he couldn’t control what was outside the park gates. Disney took great care to ensure that guests entering the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida felt immersed in the experience. With recent security threats guests have felt that some of the magic has been lost by the bag check and metal detector procedures at Magic Kingdom. Disney has revamped this process to help with guest flow and bring back some of that lost magic.

In the past all guests with bags or strollers would have to proceed through bag check before heading to the park gates. This could often times be a time consuming and frustrating procedure. It certainly didn’t make Magic Kingdom feel magical. If you were coming from the TTC or getting off the monorail you could be stuck in a big traffic jam at bag check.

Disney has now expanded bag check to multiple locations to help with these issues. If you’re coming from the Ticket & Transportation Center, AKA parking you car, then you will go through bag check and security there. If you’re coming from one of the resorts on the Monorail Beam you’ll go through security before boarding the monorail. The only bag check and security at Magic Kingdom is now for guests coming on the Disney buses and resort boats. It looks like Disney has added substantially more back check stations for the bus guests (although it could just appear like that since they’re all bunched together now). Guests coming on the boats will be checked on the dock.

Guests are saying this revised process is much quicker and a vastly better experience. I’m in favor of the changes for the most part. The only one I’m not too thrilled about is where they put security in the Contemporary. It’s on the main floor and for a guest staying there is something you’ll see every time you go fill up your mug or go to one of the shops. I think they should’ve put it on the second floor where the monorail loading platform actually is. This is out of guest view when on the main floor and Disney could’ve easily reworked the queue to allow guests to go through security up there. The Grand and Poly have their bag check on the platform outside the resort. So if you’re walking around the resort you won’t see it! I’m planning to swing by the Contemporary soon so maybe it’ll be moved. I’ll also try out this new system and give an update on if it really is better.



Do you think the security expansion will improve the guest experience at Magic Kingdom? Have you experienced the new system? Leave your comments below or as always, feel free to reach out on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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