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Alcohol Included on the 2018 Disney Dining Plan

Up until now, those who wished to enjoy an “adult beverage” while at Disney World had to pay for them out of pocket. The Disney Dining Plan only covered non-alcoholic drinks. Well starting in 2018 this will be changing! Guests will now be able to use their dining credits for beer, wine & cocktails. Hit the jump for more details.

As someone who has enjoyed one or two drinks at Disney World I always thought it would be nice if alcohol was included. I understood from a financial standpoint why this wasn’t done. Booze is a huge money maker for restaurants. Why would Disney want to take that revenue stream out of play?

Well it looks like they do wish to shake things up. The 2018 dining plan includes one regular or alcoholic drink during your meal. To compensate for this change Disney has of course raised the price for all dining plans. Each plan will be getting around a 9% hike, which honestly is lower than I would expect for a big change like this. I imagine there will be guests who take advantage of the newly added alcohol and order a drink with every meal.

Personally, I’ll rarely deviate from my iced teas. I don’t drink often and when I do there are certain lounges at Disney World where I’d prefer to drink. I’m not a big fan of grabbing a drink and running around the parks on a very hot and humid day.



Will you be taking advantage of the additions on the Disney Dining Plan or will this just end up costing you more money? Leave your comments below or as always, feel free to reach out on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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