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Famous Scene in Pirates Ride to be Changed

Well this is one that I’m certainly not happy with. Pirates of the Caribbean is currently being refurbished and changed at Disneyland Paris. Well, Disney has announced that some of the changes being made in Paris will be coming to both Disneyland Resort and the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. This includes a classic, and one of my favorite, scenes being re-written. Hit the details for more details on the updated attraction.

When I was a kid Pirates of the Caribbean was my absolute favorite attraction at Disneyland Resort. It still holds a special place in my heart and I will ride it multiple times per day whether I’m in Disneyland or Magic Kingdom. I’m all for updating attractions but there are somethings I feel should just be left alone.

The famous auctioneer scene from the ride will be changing. Instead of the pirate auctioneer trying to sell off the town’s folk the infamous “red head” will be helping the pirates out! Disney hasn’t said too much about what the scene will be other than the “red head” will now be a member of the pirate group and will “helping the local townspeople ‘unload’ their valuables at the Mercado auction”.

Pirates Concept Art
Artist rendering of the updated scene in pirates

This feels like another change for the ride to become more “politically correct”. The scene where pirates where chasing a women around her home was changed due to these reasons. Other similar changes have been made throughout the years. I don’t like this latest change. I understand how the scene is definitely not PC, but the ride is also supposed to be about pirates. I don’t think pirates are usually a politically correct group. Disney, and it’s parks, is definitely family and kid oriented. Disney World is a big international destination so I can see the need to not be offensive towards any group. However, this scene has been around since the beginning! Why make the change now??



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