Hall of Presidents Refurb

Hall of Presidents Refurbishment Extended

The rumored date for the re-opening of the Hall of Presidents in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World has come and gone. Disney has announced that the attraction will be down until later this year. They are making several improvements and confirmed that President Trump will indeed have a speaking role.

The Hall of Presidents is an audio animatronic and immersive film experience. Each President usually will have a recording session with Disney so their anamatronic can speak. When President Trump was elected into office Disney confirmed he would be in the attraction, but didn’t confirm whether he’d have a speaking role. Disney has since confirmed they have scheduled the recording session with President Trump.

They are also using the refurbishment time to upgrade the projectors used for the film and the audio system will be getting an upgrade as well. The Hall of Presidents is an awesome attraction and I hope that divisive politics do not stop people from experiencing it.



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