The Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride to be Replaced

Well, there goes one of my all time favorite attractions at Walt Disney World…Disney has announced that the Great Movie Ride will be closing to make way for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway based on the Disney Channel shorts. While I’m all for change at the parks this one hits home for me. More details after the jump.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

I get that the majority of the movies in The Great Movie Ride skew older and the bulk of park guests wouldn’t necessarily connect with them like I do. I have seen EVERY SINGLE movie featured in the ride. Classic movies and TV are definitely something I love. If it’s in black and white then I will probably watch it. The Great Movie Ride has been one of my favorite Walt Disney World attraction since the first time I rode it. I never thought Disney would get rid of it. It makes more sense to revamp the ride but just change the movies the ride features.

For a park that is set around 50s/60s Hollywood the number of “Hollywood attractions” sure is dwindling. Hollywood Studios has been my second favorite park at Disney World and I hope Disney doesn’t screw that up for me. The Great Movie ride will wrap on August 13th. I had been looking forward to sharing this ride with my family later this year and next year. Well now that will never happen…



Are you sad to see The Great Movie Ride go? What do you think about the future of Hollywood Studios? Leave your comments below or as always, feel free to reach out on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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